Streat Instruments is based in Christchurch New Zealand where it has been an innovator in Moisture Measurement & Control for over 30 years.

Streat Instruments design and manufacture a range of innovative moisture measurement & control solutions for a wide range of applications from on-line industrial control in the fibre processing and food industries to agriculture, sports stadiums and golf courses. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our customers to engineer a moisture solution appropriate for their needs. 

We know moisture.  It’s our business!  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

OnFarm Data Ltd acquired the assets of Streat Instruments on 1 February 2019.

OnFarm Data Ltd is based in Christchurch and specialises in providing one stop shop solutions for farm data collection and automation requirements:

- effluent monitoring and proof of placement for effluent applied via pivots
- fertigation - control and proof of placement
- flow meters for stock water, effluent monitoring and irrigation
- verification
- Aquaflex soil moisture sensors
- Enviropro soil moisture probes
- fixed grid/solid set control
- remote monitoring of grain and milk silos