Superwash Moisture Measurement & Control

The Superwash process is an application that has special requirements to which the control system must conform to ensure the product quality is maintained to the desired level. Streat Instruments Moisture Measurement and Control systems have been applied to Superwash Plants around the world and we were involved with the initial Superwash development at the IWS and then the Woolmark Company. Jimmy Jackson*, widely regarded as the expert in the area of easy-care wool products and processes, recommends Moisture Measurement and Control for Superwash Lines as detailed below:

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Moisture management & control is important in the Superwash process to save energy and control the regain in the sliver so that subsequent mechanical processing is trouble free, and also maintain good wool colour etc. The additional advantages for a Superwash plant are ensuring that the resin is evenly and constantly cured. (i.e. If the Superwash wool is still wet or damp, and hence the resin is not fully cured, then curing will take place later in the bale after packing resulting in the fibres sticking together and the customer receiving hard tops, which will need to be backwashed at additional expense before mechanical processing). 

Resin curing also impacts the dyeing properties of Superwash wool. As the resin cures it loses its cationic charge and becomes neutral. However if there are some damp patches then in these areas the resin will remain cationic charged and attract the anionic dyestuff (all wool dyestuffs irrespective of type are anionic) more rapidly. In essence if there is uneven curing then it’s more than likely the dyeing will be uneven.

DRYCOM Moisture Sensors on Superwash Sliver at the Dryer Exit

The Streat DRYCOM Moisture Measurement & Control system continuously monitors the moisture content of the sliver and regulates the energy supply to the dryer to maintain the moisture at the desired level.



Water Wizardry

Drycom superwash

Streat DRYCOM Moisture Measurement and Control systems provide total solutions for your process.

  • Increased profits
  • Increased productivity
  • Elimination of re-processing
  • Improved downstream processing
  • Improved and consistent product quality
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Ensures optimum drying level for future processing and ensures adequate resin curing
  • Fewer claims from customers
  • Better deployment of labour to other vital tasks
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