Features of an Aquacom Field Station

Aquacom Field units have a variety of potential applications and can be mains or solar powered allowing flexibility as to where these units can be installed. Options for connecting sensors to these units are also flexible,

  • Up to two Aquaflex sensors
  • An analogue input for air temperature or other standard sensor inputs, (eg water level)
  • Four digital inputs configurable as pulse counters or line state on time (eg flow meters or alarm)
  • SDI-12 input for connecting to a wide range of sensors
  • The Integrated Base Unit can also have the above sensors connected to it (only three digital inputs though)

The sensor data is stored in the Aquacom Field Unit until it is sent via radio to the Integrated Base Unit. From here the data is processed and sent to the web for you to view as a graph. The logging protocols comply with the standard required by many regional councils for compliance issues.


Aquacom Integrated Network Web